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Choosing the right paper

Price is only one factor in determining overall paper cost. Your printed image represents you and your business. Inappropriate or bargain-priced paper can produce poor quality printing that detracts from your image and can even lead to lost sales. Click here to download the pdf: Choosing The Right Paper    

Working with professional graphic designer

A trained designer has the skills and the knowledge to avoid many common pitfalls that can cost both time and money. A professional designer understands the many complexities of preparing computer files for commercial printing. Click here to download the pdf: Working with professional designer  

Choosing the right image resolution

Do you know that the pictures you see on your computer screen often aren’t suitable for high-quality printing? Many people don’t understand that the resolution of an image on a computer screen is much coarser than the resolution of a laser printer or a printing press. When they are printed, many images that look fine on your computer screen can become fuzzy or less distinct. Click here to download the …Read More

Preparing your files to be printed

Do you want to prepare a file using software on your computer and then send it to RE:Print for printing? Although RE:Print usually performs an initial technical evaluation on client files, you can help ensure that your jobs go smoothly and stay on budget by providing some basic information right at the start. This ten-point checklist can help you avoid many common frustrations – and save time and money. Click …Read More